Bands, Bands, Bands, Bands
1956 through the first half of 1958 was my learning period.
Had a couple of cheap guitars, practiced every afternoon in
front of my trusty 45rpm record player, posed and
attempted to be like my hero Elvis as best I could.
My girlfriend at the time loaned me a hundred dollars to get
my first real guitar. It was a big yellow Kay F-hole and I
nearly wore it out. Parties, jam sessions; where ever I could
play- I did. But it wasn’t until I joined the Air Force and
found myself stationed in the then “West Germany” did I
first organize my first band, The Klicks.”
I was stationed at an Airbase called Giebelstadt, near
Wurtzburg. Small base that was a Luftwaffe base during the
war. I had a brand new Magnatone guitar ad amplifier that
my Mother had helped me buy and I wanted to start a band
to play on base and at the various German sites near the
base. Found a fellow who was an SSgt in the Fire
Department to play rhythm and sing a bit. A guy from the
motor pool to play upright bass and a kid named Jack from
the German Air Force to play drums. After a few rehearsals
we bought some matching red shirts and called ourselves
Wasn’t a great band but it wasn’t a bad band either. Mostly
Rockabilly and C&W. A good time band I guess.
Because we were all in the service people came and went.
One day a fellow named Bill Jenkins joined the band. He
was a good looking guy who could sing well, played a nice
Gibson. Later a fellow from the Army detachment on base
named Jimmy Glenn played drums. Jimmy was an
outstanding drummer who could play anything. Later we
added Louie Desalvio on Fender bass. That band which
lasted a while became a first rate band that played 99%
rock & roll. Possibly the only GI band in Europe doing so.
From 58 to 61 we played all over. NCO and EM clubs.
German venues and such. Great fun and great training for
later use.
Very early Klicks at the NCO Club at Giebelstadt, AFB Germany.
Picture taken
during my time
with the Klicks.
Sold the
Magnatone and
purchased a
beautiful Framus
Hollywood solid
body guitar. This
was obviously my
Buddy Holly era....
At a Gastehaus in the town of Giebelstadt
The Klicks..
Picture on the right was taken about
1960 in Germany with my new
Framus Hollywood Guitar. Sent it
along with some other Framus
artifacts to Framus in Germany and
they featured it on their Historical
Web site.
Late 2010 they featured the picture
as part of an ad campaign  officially
calling me a "Legend." Something
I've been telling everyone for years.
Now it's official.
And "No" I didn't get a guitar for the
1962 I was exiled to Plattsburgh, New York at the SAC base there. Besides
being the coldest place on earth, it had a great music scene.
This is where the Twiliters was born. Please go the the Twiliters Web site
which is extensive for this story.
First edition of the Twiliters. Mike Provost on bass, John
Drury with Gretsch guitar, Skip Bushy on Drums and Bill
Kennedy, vocals and lead. Picture taken in 1963 at WPTZ-TV
Plattsburgh, NY.
The Twiliters with Bruce Danville on lead and Tommy
Latour on Bass....
Right, final version of The Twiliters as a trio. Billy Pajonas
on lead and keyboards, Uncle Bill on bass and Skip Bushy
on drums.
Band with John Sullivan on guitar.